01 November 2012

Yhuwdah - Luxury Christian Clothing

Yhuwdah Clothing Company: Luxury Christian Clothing

Yhuwdah Clothing Company is a Christian entity that adds a touch of luxury to your everyday casual wear. We are an online store that is looking to launch our first full collection early 2013. We are an American brand with urban culture, European, and middle-eastern influences. Associated with Designer Partner Fashion Studio Urban Purple we are committed to give the best possible styles and silhouettes that brings great satisfaction to your clothing needs and love for Christianity.

Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Fashion Studio - Design and Production

About the Owner:

I am James Owens, owner of  Yhuwdah Clothing Company, as an artist in high school I always wanted to express myself through various mediums of art: painting, drawing, music, and even fashion. I didn't have much money at the time to “really” put together the styles and brands I wanted to. So I guess that fueled my desire to do so one day. In the year 2004, a few months prior to my deployment to Iraq with the United States Army, I became intrigued about the life of Jesus Christ and my response to being exposed to that actuality was an act of surrendering and obeying the laws and teaching of Him. This affected every aspect of my life including the message I wanted people to perceive. Being that both fashion and music are outlets to express myself, I immediately began to use these mediums which were comfortable to me to express my love and life which was/is effected by the message of Jesus Christ. I signed to an independent record label in 2007- 2010 as a Christian Rapper. In 2010, I ended my contract with the record label and started my clothing line.  From 2009-present I started my Business degree while simultaneously doing research via YouTube and Google in order to learn: “how to start a clothing line”, “how to market a clothing line”, and/or “what shouldn't you do as a start-up clothing line”.  Needless to say I still failed miserably when I found a  designer on Coroflot website. This technical designer was comprised of poor customer service and he also produced very low quality work for 4 times more money. He truly led me to believe you can’t trust anyone online who says they’re a professional.

Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Fashion Studio - Urban Purple

Encounter with Urban Purple Fashion Studio:

After being undecided of whether I should continue this venture due to trust issues within cyber world and financial hardships (I emptied out my savings). I attempted to try once more to find someone who was indeed professional; an expert at making a customer have a personable experience have time to educate me on the terminology and process of developing a brand and organization from scratch; and lastly I needed quality, quality, and quality. Paromita at Urban Purple Fashion Studio did accomplish all of the above. Without Urban Purple's integrity in the business I truly don't know if Yhuwdah Clothing Company would be an existing company right now. Thank you Paromita and Urban Purple Fashion Studio for your continued support, wisdom, and services to Yhuwdah Clothing Company. Your dedication and professionalism will indeed take you far in this business; I would recommend anyone to your services.