11 January 2013

Supezas - Organic Personalized Clothing

Ready To Fit

Custom and Personalized Clothing Company Produce Ready To Fit Clothing Specially For You

Supezas  - A Personalized Clothing Company in association with Fashion Studio - Urban Purple bringing passion into women's clothing in an ethical way and being environmentally friendly

"Let your Imagination Fly" - that kind of summarizes what we wanted to do at Supezas. Women would love shopping, trying to find that piece of clothing they love in the color they like and in the size that fits. Now that's a tough combination and more likely than not, one or the other gets compromised. Why should women compromise while they are shopping? That's the genesis of Supezas where woman can be as imaginative as they want. Women can express themselves with practically no limitations, play with designs, fabric colors and finally choose a fit that actually fits them, custom design with a custom fit. Now combine this with a world class customer experience, that's what you get at Supezas.

If that is not enough, we at Supezas thought a little more and said, how we can do something so that there is a story behind every fabric, make it a unique experience for our customers. We chose to use only handloom fabrics, where each fabric is uniquely woven, cannot be reproduced even if the same weaver does it exactly using the same materials. Such is the uniqueness in hand woven fabric. In the process, we also encourage highly skilled art of hand weaving. It is not an easy profession and will be soon "used to be" unless encouraged in some way. Now combine that with organic cotton we use in making the whole clothing experience environment friendly. Now that is one heck of a story to tell, making it unique on what woman gets at Supezas.

Our Collaboration with Urban Purple

As we embarked on this journey, we faced a huge challenge to find a partner who is willing to collaborate with us. In this age of Mass Production and Minimum Order Quantities, it seemed next to impossible to find a partner who would go along with our vision of making every piece in a unique way, one piece at a time. We were thrilled when we found Urban Purple who shared our vision on both creating unique clothing and helping weavers. Urban Purple lived up to the expectations by producing clothing with excellent quality and utmost attention to details under tight timelines.

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Please Watch the Video to Know more about the Sustained Effort to Make this Venture Successful and also   Help Our Weavers.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple Lead by Owner - Paromita Das and Co-Owner Sashikant Khuntia has been a close association with us since we begin our process. The Fashion Studio Serves Clothing Line and Apparel Brands across Globe and provide services like clothing design, apparel tech packs, sample development and garment manufacturing. The Reputation as a fashion studio in India Urban Purple would be the leading players and the focus of fashion studio is to serve clients with quality service and within timeline.