03 March 2015

Athlos - High Performance Activewear Brand from India

Athlos was started to reinvent High-Performance Activewear using sustainable natural fabrics, while leading the way for environmentally responsible brands.

It all started in 2013 - I took a sabbatical to travel around the world over a period of 6 months. With plans for trail running, hiking, and cycling on my travels, I packed appropriate activewear. Or so I thought. By the end of the trip, I had to trash most of my activewear. It felt uncomfortable on the skin and retained a pungent odor even after many washes.

This underwhelming experience left me amazed at how hard it was to find good athletic apparel. The explanation was pretty simple. Most brands use synthetic fabrics made from petroleum like polyester and nylon to design active wear. Synthetic fabrics make good business sense to achieve durability and control costs. But, they tend to be harsh on the skin, have poor temperature regulation and create a high environmental impact. Where were the options?

I started Athlos to address this problem: an activewear brand I would want to buy from.

At Athlos, we see activewear as an essential tool to help athletes achieve their true potential. We believe that great activewear should hit the metrics of Performance, Comfort, and Durability. Our products dry quick and resist sweat odors even after an intense training session. We select natural fabrics that are soft and breathable, but also stretch well to support your complete range of motion. The fabrics we pick align with our long-term goal to build a sustainable brand.

We started working with Urban Purple Fashion Studio from the very start when the vision of Athlos was half baked. It was only after we got Paromita onboard as the lead clothing designer for our first product that things began moving really fast for Athlos. Paromita proved to be an exceptional designer with an attention to detail and understanding of Activewear Techpacks. Given her expertise and great ethics we also get our products manufactured under the Under Purple Banner to ensure high manufacturing and quality control standards. 

Our main goals is to challenge the status quo in the sports apparel industry and build beautiful products using sustainable fibers and means. We know our users are nonconformists and love challenging conventions. We hope this philosophy is reflected in our brand and the choices we make.