03 March 2015

Athlos - High Performance Activewear Brand from India

Athlos was started to reinvent High-Performance Activewear using sustainable natural fabrics, while leading the way for environmentally responsible brands.

It all started in 2013 - I took a sabbatical to travel around the world over a period of 6 months. With plans for trail running, hiking, and cycling on my travels, I packed appropriate activewear. Or so I thought. By the end of the trip, I had to trash most of my activewear. It felt uncomfortable on the skin and retained a pungent odor even after many washes.

This underwhelming experience left me amazed at how hard it was to find good athletic apparel. The explanation was pretty simple. Most brands use synthetic fabrics made from petroleum like polyester and nylon to design active wear. Synthetic fabrics make good business sense to achieve durability and control costs. But, they tend to be harsh on the skin, have poor temperature regulation and create a high environmental impact. Where were the options?

I started Athlos to address this problem: an activewear brand I would want to buy from.

At Athlos, we see activewear as an essential tool to help athletes achieve their true potential. We believe that great activewear should hit the metrics of Performance, Comfort, and Durability. Our products dry quick and resist sweat odors even after an intense training session. We select natural fabrics that are soft and breathable, but also stretch well to support your complete range of motion. The fabrics we pick align with our long-term goal to build a sustainable brand.

We started working with Urban Purple Fashion Studio from the very start when the vision of Athlos was half baked. It was only after we got Paromita onboard as the lead clothing designer for our first product that things began moving really fast for Athlos. Paromita proved to be an exceptional designer with an attention to detail and understanding of Activewear Techpacks. Given her expertise and great ethics we also get our products manufactured under the Under Purple Banner to ensure high manufacturing and quality control standards. 

Our main goals is to challenge the status quo in the sports apparel industry and build beautiful products using sustainable fibers and means. We know our users are nonconformists and love challenging conventions. We hope this philosophy is reflected in our brand and the choices we make.

06 May 2013

ZazzleBanners.com – The World’s Representative

Zazzle Banners is a souvenir and gift site that helps celebrate the diversity and culture of countries all across the world. Offering items from cups to hats; people from all over the world shop Zazzle Banners to purchase items that help show pride & love for their favorite country. Whether representing their home country, the country of their heritage, or simply having an item to remember a favorite vacation destination; Zazzle Banners has various products to represent many different locations. These items also make great gifts for family and friends throughout the year no matter where they are located in the world. Make ZazzleBanners your one stop destination for gifts and souvenirs for locations all around the globe!!

For your convenience Zazzle is translated into over 10 different languages so people from all over the world can shop in their normal currency and native tongue (more site translations to come). See below for all of the current sites & languages Zazzle supports.

Working with Paromita and Fashion Studio Urban Purple has been a great experience. She took on a very detailed and design intense project for our company and delivered great results. Fashion Studio Urban Purple is definitely a thorough organization that offers everything from full design services to production of finished goods. This makes things easier on a small business that will feel more comfortable with an easy in-house process, creating a very streamlined experience. We are glad to have found a trusted partner that works hard and provides excellent quality results.

15 April 2013

H3O Apparel – Men’s Linen Shirts, Globally Inspired

H3O Apparel - Presenting Elegant Linen Casual Shirts

H3O Apparel - is a culturally, ethically and internationally inspired linen clothing line, created in association with fashion studio - Urban Purple to bring forward classic fashion elements from around the world into distinctively fashionable modern day wear. Our designs are intended to be the preferred choice of men’s linen fashion apparel suited for just about any occasion, setting and lifestyle.

Our mission is to design, and manufacture casual linen shirts of our global inspirations using highest quality linen fabrics and present it via specialty retail outlets, boutiques and directly to our customers through the company’s e-commerce website. At H3O Apparel we will strive every day to innovate, finding inspiration from cultures all over the world and interpret them in a way that is uniquely H3O and strive to be the preferred destination for the latest trends, essential styles, and must-have clothing.

Linen Shirts bu H3O Apparel

Linen Clothing line , Casual Lenin Shirts Line were just vague pictures which came up to me first as a casual interest and them I could see some passion in it. The story of how we started was one that evolved over the past three years as I traveled through countless countries in Asia and blessed with the opportunity to take in each of the different cultures. What struck me most was the uniqueness of the clothing and splendid fabrics that the locals actually wore for everyday events, work and more so at special occasions. Having become quite fond of how the garments looked, I decided one day to pick myself up a few and try them out. I remember visiting a few of the local Malls and was surprised with the realization that such would not be an easy task. The stores were a virtual sea of shelves and racks riddled with the standard fare of western fashions, just as if I was shopping in a mall in the United States. It was certainly not what I had expected and getting another polo or western shirt was something I was not really interested in doing.

I soon realized that most stores only allocated a very small section to these local items and it was usually in some far off corner. Well, to make a long story short, I pick up a few items and then began to add to my small collection as I traveled throughout other countries.

Interestingly enough as I wore the garments throughout my many international stops, I found myself receiving numerous compliments and inquiries as to where I picked them up which I found very interesting.I liked some of the items so much that I asked my mother back home in the US, a lifetime seamstress, to make me a few more and to incorporate features that I felt would make them more modern. She was extremely patient with me as we debated over fabrics and buttons. Not before long my closet had a pretty decent sampling of personally designed clothing items incorporating these international influences that I found I could wear just about anywhere. Since then the compliments have continued.

It was at this point that I felt convinced there were others like me that both longed for and would appreciated similarly inspired clothing items. So having had a pretty decent set of successful entrepreneurial experiences under my belt I decided to explore this as a possible avenue.  It was at that moment that H3O Apparel was conceived. The name H3O has its roots in a tattoo my wife got during a very challenging time in our lives. It stands for the unity and strength of our family, where in the letters represent our first initials of our names and the number three represents our three children.

Those close friends that I shared the idea with indeed responded very favorably, but most ended their opinions with “you must be insane”. Rightly so I guess, since all my professional experience was in the high technology area. That was about eighteen months ago. Since then I have been fortunate enough to bring on board several partners to help me cover various aspects of the business, and after much effort devoted to designs, strategy, finance , eCommerce and operations we were able to finally launch our Linen Clothing site on April 11th of this year.

One such partner that enabled our launch of 100% Linen Casual Shirt Collection is Paromita Das from Fashion Studio Urban Purple. Early on I looked all over the world for a turnkey design studio that would support our small start-up on designs, samples, strategy, marketing and manufacturing. Most engagements turned into disappointing dead ends due to various reasons ranging from language barriers and unresponsiveness to excessive cost. That was the situation until that day I stumbled upon Urban Purple Fashion Studio and quickly received a very quick response to my inquiry.

Paromita was very welcoming to a small venture such as ours. She approached our inquiry with an open mind and soon became a believer in our vision and now is a key l part of our design development process and manufacturing flow.  Initially her ability and willingness to work with us through design iterations and small batch orders within reasonable budgets was what first attracted us to her, but soon after other equally critical attributes such as her expertize, accessibility, responsiveness, creativity and emphasis on quality became equally important and in totality continue to strengthen our business relationship. We at H3O Apparel look forward to bringing our vision to fruition and growing our business together with Paromita Das and Urban Purple Fashion Studio.

11 January 2013

Supezas - Organic Personalized Clothing

Ready To Fit

Custom and Personalized Clothing Company Produce Ready To Fit Clothing Specially For You

Supezas  - A Personalized Clothing Company in association with Fashion Studio - Urban Purple bringing passion into women's clothing in an ethical way and being environmentally friendly

"Let your Imagination Fly" - that kind of summarizes what we wanted to do at Supezas. Women would love shopping, trying to find that piece of clothing they love in the color they like and in the size that fits. Now that's a tough combination and more likely than not, one or the other gets compromised. Why should women compromise while they are shopping? That's the genesis of Supezas where woman can be as imaginative as they want. Women can express themselves with practically no limitations, play with designs, fabric colors and finally choose a fit that actually fits them, custom design with a custom fit. Now combine this with a world class customer experience, that's what you get at Supezas.

If that is not enough, we at Supezas thought a little more and said, how we can do something so that there is a story behind every fabric, make it a unique experience for our customers. We chose to use only handloom fabrics, where each fabric is uniquely woven, cannot be reproduced even if the same weaver does it exactly using the same materials. Such is the uniqueness in hand woven fabric. In the process, we also encourage highly skilled art of hand weaving. It is not an easy profession and will be soon "used to be" unless encouraged in some way. Now combine that with organic cotton we use in making the whole clothing experience environment friendly. Now that is one heck of a story to tell, making it unique on what woman gets at Supezas.

Our Collaboration with Urban Purple

As we embarked on this journey, we faced a huge challenge to find a partner who is willing to collaborate with us. In this age of Mass Production and Minimum Order Quantities, it seemed next to impossible to find a partner who would go along with our vision of making every piece in a unique way, one piece at a time. We were thrilled when we found Urban Purple who shared our vision on both creating unique clothing and helping weavers. Urban Purple lived up to the expectations by producing clothing with excellent quality and utmost attention to details under tight timelines.

For This Venture All Your Support is Quite Needed and You can give Valuable Feedback and  Contribution On the Below Link Click Here

Please Watch the Video to Know more about the Sustained Effort to Make this Venture Successful and also   Help Our Weavers.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple Lead by Owner - Paromita Das and Co-Owner Sashikant Khuntia has been a close association with us since we begin our process. The Fashion Studio Serves Clothing Line and Apparel Brands across Globe and provide services like clothing design, apparel tech packs, sample development and garment manufacturing. The Reputation as a fashion studio in India Urban Purple would be the leading players and the focus of fashion studio is to serve clients with quality service and within timeline.

27 December 2012

OfaafO - Fashion with Social Consciousness

Fashion Studio - Urban Purpleofaafo’s(one for all all for one) goal is to create dialogue by blending fashion with social consciousness.  Fashion clothes the body and the mind. We want the same inspiration that goes into creating a great look to go into creating conversation, bringing social issues to light and bridging the gap of culture differences. Whether you have a social cause or cause to be social-ofaafo

ofaafo’s foundation is creating awareness or as we say “owareness” generating dialogue that brings social issues to light, and bridging the gap of culture differences that exist around the world.  Fashion has always been a great way to express oneself so it just made sense to bring fashion and social commentary together in a non-threatening way to educate the masses. ofaafo has touched upon a variety of topics via our Facebook page and encourages everyone to participate.

Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Crew Neck T-Shirt for Daily Comfort
Polo  Shirt for Office and Home Use

Whether you have a social cause or a cause to be social - ofaafo

Ofaafo started with our signature collection of logo branded men’s t-shirts and polo shirts to introduce the public to our brand and our mission. As we grow, we will roll out an expanded portfolio of short sleeve shirts, sweaters, and expand our t-shirt line

Ofaafo stands out because we are fashion focused. Our products are designed with quality in mind.  We have struck a balance between the awareness we want to create and the quality of our product. When you wear an Ofaafo product you are wearing a custom designed shirt manufactured from the finest Peruvian cotton.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple helped transform our vision into a tangible product by developing our tech packs. More important  Fashion Studio Urban Purple created a road map for the project. They served as a consultant walking us through all the steps, answering questions and making recommendations throughout the process. The project was completed within the timelines we agreed upon so the rest of the project could go on as planned.

21 December 2012

GALAPEGO - Luxury Fashion Brand

GALAPEGO -  Ultimate Lifestyle Enrichment

Galapego a fashion line for men and women designed by Me Supported by Fashion Studio Urban Purple. Our style incorporates a modern-age look, straight-laced yet sophisticated. Galapego is inspired by everyday life, as well as other periods in history. By continuing the ways of thinking and producing, our clothing will give people an imaginative dose of tomorrow and pave a revolutionary road into the fashion industry. Wearing Galapego is an experience, a seam that will stitch everything and everyone together.

Company Overview

We hope to appeal to customers who value fine craftsmanship, Clean design, want to be stylish and be exclusive. The Product Range of Galapego spans to the Dream away, be inspired, Clean & stylish, Art. The products are Blazers, Jacket, Dress, Pants, Chino, T-Shirts, Cardigan, Shoes, Curling, Tie bar, & Bow-tie  Galapego enhances your alter-ego, bringing to life your inner ambitions allowing for you to experience the ultimate lifestyle enrichment.

Laxury Fashion Brand

Owners Expression - GALAPEGO.

"Galapego wishes to transform an individual from their present state of mind to a higher being.  The clothing is designed in association with Technical Fashion Studio - Urban Purple to embrace the body of a fashion goddess, encompass their exceptional beauty and energy". Now my job is to establish this through design.

Myself being born and raised in West Africa, I eventually migrated to the United States where I got exposure to an array of different styles of clothing unfamiliar back home.  Living in New York as a young teenager had introduced me to some of my favorite fashion brand, such as Gucci, Zara, D&G.  Having their own unique aura and formulated design, these companies struck my creative spark and urged me to take an opportunistic step through the doorway of the fashion industry. After graduating from Brooklyn College with a business degree, the concept of starting my own enterprise gradually came full circle, and, in time, gave birth to Galapego.  The name is a result of my recurring interest in the Galapagos Islands and their connection with evolution.  I immediately fell in love with the name not only because it symbolizes change, but because it promises a thriving future, one of unpredictable transformation and balance.

Our style incorporates a modern-age look, straight-laced yet sophisticated. Inspired by everyday life, as well as other periods in history, Galapego is an aim at the popular culture target.  By continuing the ways of thinking and producing, our clothing will give people an imaginative dose of tomorrow and pave a revolutionary road into the fashion industry. Wearing Galapego is an experience, a seam that will stitch everything and everyone together. Galapego means (represents) your alter-ego. It’s about (encompasses) lifestyle enrichment. The company is created from passion and hunger for success. It’s created from thirst and the opportunity to express my artistic views. I live in my Galapego clothing. The Company will have two different selling points; stores and online. Galapego fashion is a luxury brand. We hope to appeal to customers who value fine craftsmanship, clean design, want to be stylish and above all, be exclusive. Also the website will be introduced sometime by the year’s end. With the introduction of the on line web shopping; the site will serve as our window to the world. It will provide ability to sell to a far wider audience; offer customers convenience from the comfort of their house; and providing a space in which potential customers can do research and develop desire.

20 December 2012

Urban-Hippie - The Brand of Happiness and Peace

Fashion Studio

About Urban-Hippie.com

“Sitting in my sister’s flat one day, over a steaming cup of tea, the two of us got to talking about our childhood in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the impressions that fashion and popular culture had left on us and how we would love to recapture the essence of that time."Whilst basking in the reflection of their laughter and loving memories the seedling of Urban Hippie came into bloom.

They were memories of a simpler time when summers were lazy and without end. The world was changing and we were growing up in the reactionary stirrings of the summer of Love where Flower Power pollinated our style and our outlook and so with this in mind we wanted to create clothing and jewellery that could find a palpable place in our hearts and our wardrobes.

The Urban Hippie designs are exclusive limited editions that have an aura of elegance and exuberance in quality and form. Our focus has been on the wearers experience so each item is exquisitely unique and feels great next to your skin. Each piece of Urban Hippie jewellery is individually made by hand with extra care and attention to detail so they look and feel beautiful.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple
Fashion Studio Creation


Our T-shirts come in a range of ever changing designs with soothing colors and organic and 100% Cotton fabrics that suits your style and gives ultimate comfort  to suit you. With each item being a limited edition there will be new lines added and updated on a regular basis creating an organic and natural flow of new styles.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple
Fashion Studio

Organic Cotton Eco Friendly T-Shirts

Journey with Urban Purple Fashion Studio

Fortunately we found Urban Purple Fashion Studio on our search for a tech pack designer with experience in the field. You see all our designs needed to be taken from our sketches and made in to the actual garment and as these were our own designs we required a skillful designer to realize our designs and make them real garments. With the input of Paramita Das (owner at Urban Purple Fashion Studio) we were able to work closely on materializing our ideas. Paramita helped and advised us along the way from the flat sketch of the garments to the manufacture and delivery to our base in the UK, ensuring great customer service along the way. With deadlines looming for the launch of Urban-Hippie.com, Fashion Studio  Urban Purple pulled out all the stops possible to ensure we had a successful launch.