27 December 2012

OfaafO - Fashion with Social Consciousness

Fashion Studio - Urban Purpleofaafo’s(one for all all for one) goal is to create dialogue by blending fashion with social consciousness.  Fashion clothes the body and the mind. We want the same inspiration that goes into creating a great look to go into creating conversation, bringing social issues to light and bridging the gap of culture differences. Whether you have a social cause or cause to be social-ofaafo

ofaafo’s foundation is creating awareness or as we say “owareness” generating dialogue that brings social issues to light, and bridging the gap of culture differences that exist around the world.  Fashion has always been a great way to express oneself so it just made sense to bring fashion and social commentary together in a non-threatening way to educate the masses. ofaafo has touched upon a variety of topics via our Facebook page and encourages everyone to participate.

Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Crew Neck T-Shirt for Daily Comfort
Polo  Shirt for Office and Home Use

Whether you have a social cause or a cause to be social - ofaafo

Ofaafo started with our signature collection of logo branded men’s t-shirts and polo shirts to introduce the public to our brand and our mission. As we grow, we will roll out an expanded portfolio of short sleeve shirts, sweaters, and expand our t-shirt line

Ofaafo stands out because we are fashion focused. Our products are designed with quality in mind.  We have struck a balance between the awareness we want to create and the quality of our product. When you wear an Ofaafo product you are wearing a custom designed shirt manufactured from the finest Peruvian cotton.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple helped transform our vision into a tangible product by developing our tech packs. More important  Fashion Studio Urban Purple created a road map for the project. They served as a consultant walking us through all the steps, answering questions and making recommendations throughout the process. The project was completed within the timelines we agreed upon so the rest of the project could go on as planned.

21 December 2012

GALAPEGO - Luxury Fashion Brand

GALAPEGO -  Ultimate Lifestyle Enrichment

Galapego a fashion line for men and women designed by Me Supported by Fashion Studio Urban Purple. Our style incorporates a modern-age look, straight-laced yet sophisticated. Galapego is inspired by everyday life, as well as other periods in history. By continuing the ways of thinking and producing, our clothing will give people an imaginative dose of tomorrow and pave a revolutionary road into the fashion industry. Wearing Galapego is an experience, a seam that will stitch everything and everyone together.

Company Overview

We hope to appeal to customers who value fine craftsmanship, Clean design, want to be stylish and be exclusive. The Product Range of Galapego spans to the Dream away, be inspired, Clean & stylish, Art. The products are Blazers, Jacket, Dress, Pants, Chino, T-Shirts, Cardigan, Shoes, Curling, Tie bar, & Bow-tie  Galapego enhances your alter-ego, bringing to life your inner ambitions allowing for you to experience the ultimate lifestyle enrichment.

Laxury Fashion Brand

Owners Expression - GALAPEGO.

"Galapego wishes to transform an individual from their present state of mind to a higher being.  The clothing is designed in association with Technical Fashion Studio - Urban Purple to embrace the body of a fashion goddess, encompass their exceptional beauty and energy". Now my job is to establish this through design.

Myself being born and raised in West Africa, I eventually migrated to the United States where I got exposure to an array of different styles of clothing unfamiliar back home.  Living in New York as a young teenager had introduced me to some of my favorite fashion brand, such as Gucci, Zara, D&G.  Having their own unique aura and formulated design, these companies struck my creative spark and urged me to take an opportunistic step through the doorway of the fashion industry. After graduating from Brooklyn College with a business degree, the concept of starting my own enterprise gradually came full circle, and, in time, gave birth to Galapego.  The name is a result of my recurring interest in the Galapagos Islands and their connection with evolution.  I immediately fell in love with the name not only because it symbolizes change, but because it promises a thriving future, one of unpredictable transformation and balance.

Our style incorporates a modern-age look, straight-laced yet sophisticated. Inspired by everyday life, as well as other periods in history, Galapego is an aim at the popular culture target.  By continuing the ways of thinking and producing, our clothing will give people an imaginative dose of tomorrow and pave a revolutionary road into the fashion industry. Wearing Galapego is an experience, a seam that will stitch everything and everyone together. Galapego means (represents) your alter-ego. It’s about (encompasses) lifestyle enrichment. The company is created from passion and hunger for success. It’s created from thirst and the opportunity to express my artistic views. I live in my Galapego clothing. The Company will have two different selling points; stores and online. Galapego fashion is a luxury brand. We hope to appeal to customers who value fine craftsmanship, clean design, want to be stylish and above all, be exclusive. Also the website will be introduced sometime by the year’s end. With the introduction of the on line web shopping; the site will serve as our window to the world. It will provide ability to sell to a far wider audience; offer customers convenience from the comfort of their house; and providing a space in which potential customers can do research and develop desire.

20 December 2012

Urban-Hippie - The Brand of Happiness and Peace

Fashion Studio

About Urban-Hippie.com

“Sitting in my sister’s flat one day, over a steaming cup of tea, the two of us got to talking about our childhood in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the impressions that fashion and popular culture had left on us and how we would love to recapture the essence of that time."Whilst basking in the reflection of their laughter and loving memories the seedling of Urban Hippie came into bloom.

They were memories of a simpler time when summers were lazy and without end. The world was changing and we were growing up in the reactionary stirrings of the summer of Love where Flower Power pollinated our style and our outlook and so with this in mind we wanted to create clothing and jewellery that could find a palpable place in our hearts and our wardrobes.

The Urban Hippie designs are exclusive limited editions that have an aura of elegance and exuberance in quality and form. Our focus has been on the wearers experience so each item is exquisitely unique and feels great next to your skin. Each piece of Urban Hippie jewellery is individually made by hand with extra care and attention to detail so they look and feel beautiful.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple
Fashion Studio Creation


Our T-shirts come in a range of ever changing designs with soothing colors and organic and 100% Cotton fabrics that suits your style and gives ultimate comfort  to suit you. With each item being a limited edition there will be new lines added and updated on a regular basis creating an organic and natural flow of new styles.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple
Fashion Studio

Organic Cotton Eco Friendly T-Shirts

Journey with Urban Purple Fashion Studio

Fortunately we found Urban Purple Fashion Studio on our search for a tech pack designer with experience in the field. You see all our designs needed to be taken from our sketches and made in to the actual garment and as these were our own designs we required a skillful designer to realize our designs and make them real garments. With the input of Paramita Das (owner at Urban Purple Fashion Studio) we were able to work closely on materializing our ideas. Paramita helped and advised us along the way from the flat sketch of the garments to the manufacture and delivery to our base in the UK, ensuring great customer service along the way. With deadlines looming for the launch of Urban-Hippie.com, Fashion Studio  Urban Purple pulled out all the stops possible to ensure we had a successful launch.

19 December 2012

BOMBR™ - Thermal Clothing Outdoor Sports-Wear

Fashion Studio for Apparel Brand

BOMBR™ is fresh a new independent Thermal Outdoor Sports-Wear Fashion Brand inspired by our own love for the great outdoors and what it has to offer. Be it a day on the slopes or a walk with the dog, don't let the weather stop the fun. BOMBR™ is born to answer the needs of people like us who just love to keep playing in the great outdoors all year round! Our association with Fashion Studio - Urban Purple is Quite Supportive and encouraging.

Thats why we developed base layers that will give you the warmth and comfort you need so you can enjoy the whole day doing what you love!! Our base layers are fit for any mountain lifestyle but street wear designed, so supports you on or off the mountain. Featuring a cotton poly mix you can say goodbye to a tight fitting itching inferior base layer and hello to our snug hug of a fit with a super soft tee feel which is pure comfort. Everyone loves a few extra inches so we've given you some to help stop ride up and indecent exposure. There are thumb loops to keep your hands toasty too and no need to worry when you head off to the bar to warm up and enjoy the best drink of the day, you will stay sink free with our moisture wicking and permanent antibacterial properties. And there is no need to sweat because our garments are 'sweat free' for both you and the manufacturers as all our products are handmade by textile experts in Pakistan who take home good chunk of the profits to help provide their community with health and education.

Fashion Design Studio

Bombr™ Thermal layer Outdoor Sports Wear Garments are here to keep your body temperature regulated, your skin dry, and the air around your person stink -free. We've used a lot of complicated science for a very simple outcome to keep you doing what you love. 

BOMBR™ started working with Urban Purple Fashion Studio from the very start. Working together last year on the technical design packs for all of our thermal base layers ready for the manufacturers to get ready for our launch this winter. We had developed the aesthetic design but needed help with the technical packs for manufacturing and Paromita helped made that happen.

Our main goals is to ensure you love our products as much as we do and then of course world domination (well in the market of thermal base layers). Check out our website if you are adventurous and love life kind size and would like to make the most of it.

15 December 2012

Manufacturing & Made-to-Order - Fashion Studio Urban Purple

Transition from Mass Production to Customized Clothing . The Concept of Being Exclusive

Fashion Studio Urban Purple has been Working with Clients who prepare Made-to-Order Garments  according to the specific requests of customers as per their needs.This has been the new concept to server customer and make every one of them feel special. With The growth of Technology and Internet Age, The consumer requirements have been developed many fold. Fashion Brands and Apparel Companies which have been doing mass Production so far are slowly started understanding that today's consumer is looking for something extra and would like to be pampered as he is the one and only who needs to get the highest priority. Although this concept is at its infant stage at the moment, the popularity of this is expected to rise and this is going to be the next best Fashion Trend. The concept was there before however, it was for those “elite” class customers who have been able to afford a lot of Dollars for availing the service. This is none other than the boutique concept. Fashion Designers have been serving celebrities can be considered as one of the example of it.  

In Today’s scenario the concept of Custom Clothing which best fit your body type is gaining popularity and many apparel companies and brands have been trying this to attract customers who can stick to them for a longer period. However, there is also a flop side of this concept. One of them is it is still that expensive as it used to be before and it is not that matured enough to address the mass at a larger extent. It serves one unit of its product for one customer and that product goes through all the industrial processing as a mass product goes through. So obviously it is going to be expensive.      

On the Contrary, Mass Production is still popular and it is in its pick. The most advanced clothing techniques are being used in Mass production. Even if this is expensive it observes the cost for its Quantity production. The Mass production particularly apparel goes through a certain particular processing as defined by Tech Pack for that Style. Preparing the Rough Creative Sketch to a Complete Factory Ready Technical Sheet is Tech Pack Design. Tech Pack is prepared based on the Creative Designer’s Sketches and Technical Designers Development Capability. Creative Sketch explains how the Silhouette should look like where as Tech Pack explains How the Style should be produced and what materials to be used what process should be followed. The Mass Production of Apparel is based on the concept of  Tech Pack Design.  

Urban Purple As Fashion Designer and Fashion Studio working with various clothing brands its inevitable that we have to make certain decisions which are at first aesthetic but ultimately what follows is a huge impact all along the supply chain. For me Personally I get inclined towards for clothing brands which uses organic and natural materials weather it is for mass production or customized clothing. Here the Most mass clothing companies fail to do so as they always. Where as the Custom Apparel Brands does take extra care to keep up with the natural and organic materials. The Brands that works on energy conscious solutions and use organic materials are very few as compared to the totality. One of them which I got opportunity to work with them is Supezas. A Brand that works on Custom Clothing on Organic Hand loom Fabric and other Organic and Earth Saving Materials. As a Company it has a great ethical sense and quite innovative in its approach. A True Integration of Technology and Traditional Form of Hand Weaved Fabric. Treated Individually as per their choice and avail styles as per their style statement.

11 December 2012

Fashion Trend Insight - Urban Purple Fashion Studio

Fashion Ternd Insight by Urban Purple Fashion Studio

Everyone wants to get noticed and for this spend a lot of money in order get noticed and recognition and feel beautiful. However,Very often we spend it on things that are not suitable for us and spending so much on clothing and fashion accessories that don’t fit or worse that make us look bad. Fashion as a Business is making and selling your creativity which would appeal the mass and that gets you Name, Fame, And Money. On the surface level it seems quite interesting and tempting and people easily get fascinated towards it. Fashion Designers on the top and Fashion Studio which is having name and fame are hot cake.  designs. And while the fashion industry may seem like a glamorous business where you hobnob with celebrities and watch your gowns walk down the runway, starting a clothing line is hard work. When you first start out, your clothing line might consist of you and, well, you. You'll have a lot of responsibilities, from designing the garments to producing the final product to marketing your brand. Every Human being is  different and have different ethos and they get satisfied differently and they project themselves as they perceive the world around them.

Many fashion designers and fashion studios have tried to read this versatility of human nature and design outfits accordingly. The Main factors that gives boost to any fashion trend are Surface , Silhouettes , Styles and Seams . This Four "S" is the main factors which controls and drives the Fashion Trend and it has been doing since the emergence of Fashion.Most fashion products of the 20th Century created phenomenal success if they had a perfect mix of Four ‘S’ of Fashion (Surfaces, Silhouettes, Styles and Seams). As a part of the fashion design process, the success of the fashion products depend upon the right mix of 4S for any market conditions in correct order & proportion.

As a Fashion Studio - Urban Purple Focuses on this 4 Points and Serves the clients with the best possible combination available. Serving for more than 7 years The Fashion Studio has been successful in Launching more than 50 International clothing brands across the Globe and has been working them contiguously every season and provide the Line Sheet and Tech Sheet Designs to those brands. At Urban Purple Fashion Studio every brand is treated.

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01 December 2012

Calligraphy - The Brand for Young & Optimistic

urban fashion and street wear
CALIGRAPHY™ and Fashion Studio Urban Purple Started working together way back in 2010 and the concept Urban Men’s Fashion Brand Took a shape with great efforts from the owner of CALIGRAPHY™ through the creative thoughts inspired by the slogan "Bond By Loyalty Unbreakable by Love"

CALIGRAPHY™ is fresh new independent Urban Men’s Fashion Brand inspired by our slogan Bond by Loyalty Unbreakable by Love. CALIGRAPHY™ brings a unique and different style and perspective to Men’s urban fashion and street wear. Whether it’s hitting the local street scene to a casual business meeting.

Fashion need not be limited to “Well Known” brands. Since “Understated Casual Sophistication” is always overlooked, and trends “Come and Go” we make it our business to create the essential pieces that should always be present in both your “Fresh Street wear” to your “Casual Wardrobe.” Established in 2010, CALIGRAPHY™ is already being talked about and compared to some of the “Top Fashion House Icons” in the “Couture Apparel Industry.” With featured selections of sleek dress and casual wear polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets, vests, ties, pants, jeans, hats, sweats, “hoodies” and much more, is there any reason why this comparison is done? Geneus says, “Calligraphy is from the Greek word ‘κάλλος’ pronounced ‘Kallos’ translated means ‘Beauty.’ ‘Writing’ comes from the Greek word ‘Yραφή’ its translation is ‘Graphẽ’ meaning a type of ‘Visual Art.’ Caligraphy is often called the art of ‘Fancy Lettering.’ A more “Updated” definition is, it is the practice of or the ‘Art’ of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.” Caligraphy Clothing and Apparel stated simply is,“The rewriting of Fashion with visual innovativeness and style”. “Our clothing line is known as the art in ‘Modern’ apparel. It is fluid and spontaneous . . . thus, confirming the parallel of ‘Calligraphy Writing’ with CALIGRAPHY™ the Couture Fashion House.” He finishes stating, “While ‘Our’ extraordinary pieces are ‘Second to None’ and are for everyone, the inscriptions and designs are ‘Targeted’ to believers, dreamers and overachievers.” The “Fashion Apparel Industry’s Insiders” have classified CALIGRAPHY™  designs as a, “A Breath of fresh air and only an ‘Innovator’ could invent a combination of “Exceptional” quality and workmanship coupled with the details of classic elegance while still maintaining that contemporary and trendy look of the “Future” supplying comfortable “Flyness” in “Casual Wear”. Whether it's plaid, checkered, pinstriped or solid colors . . . CALIGRAPHY™ always provides a more subdued modern aspect while giving a “Nod” to the exquisite style and class of its “Amped up Traditional” wear.

CALIGRAPHY™ was looking to upgrade and provide the level of detail and quality in our products and found Urban Purple Fashion Studio to take our brand to the next level. They provide the best technical design packs. Now that Paromita and her staff from the Fashion Studio provide manufacturing and it creates a comfortable and high level one stop shop. Able to give a 4 level quality inspection on all apparel made is a win-win for CALIGRAPHY™.