15 December 2012

Manufacturing & Made-to-Order - Fashion Studio Urban Purple

Transition from Mass Production to Customized Clothing . The Concept of Being Exclusive

Fashion Studio Urban Purple has been Working with Clients who prepare Made-to-Order Garments  according to the specific requests of customers as per their needs.This has been the new concept to server customer and make every one of them feel special. With The growth of Technology and Internet Age, The consumer requirements have been developed many fold. Fashion Brands and Apparel Companies which have been doing mass Production so far are slowly started understanding that today's consumer is looking for something extra and would like to be pampered as he is the one and only who needs to get the highest priority. Although this concept is at its infant stage at the moment, the popularity of this is expected to rise and this is going to be the next best Fashion Trend. The concept was there before however, it was for those “elite” class customers who have been able to afford a lot of Dollars for availing the service. This is none other than the boutique concept. Fashion Designers have been serving celebrities can be considered as one of the example of it.  

In Today’s scenario the concept of Custom Clothing which best fit your body type is gaining popularity and many apparel companies and brands have been trying this to attract customers who can stick to them for a longer period. However, there is also a flop side of this concept. One of them is it is still that expensive as it used to be before and it is not that matured enough to address the mass at a larger extent. It serves one unit of its product for one customer and that product goes through all the industrial processing as a mass product goes through. So obviously it is going to be expensive.      

On the Contrary, Mass Production is still popular and it is in its pick. The most advanced clothing techniques are being used in Mass production. Even if this is expensive it observes the cost for its Quantity production. The Mass production particularly apparel goes through a certain particular processing as defined by Tech Pack for that Style. Preparing the Rough Creative Sketch to a Complete Factory Ready Technical Sheet is Tech Pack Design. Tech Pack is prepared based on the Creative Designer’s Sketches and Technical Designers Development Capability. Creative Sketch explains how the Silhouette should look like where as Tech Pack explains How the Style should be produced and what materials to be used what process should be followed. The Mass Production of Apparel is based on the concept of  Tech Pack Design.  

Urban Purple As Fashion Designer and Fashion Studio working with various clothing brands its inevitable that we have to make certain decisions which are at first aesthetic but ultimately what follows is a huge impact all along the supply chain. For me Personally I get inclined towards for clothing brands which uses organic and natural materials weather it is for mass production or customized clothing. Here the Most mass clothing companies fail to do so as they always. Where as the Custom Apparel Brands does take extra care to keep up with the natural and organic materials. The Brands that works on energy conscious solutions and use organic materials are very few as compared to the totality. One of them which I got opportunity to work with them is Supezas. A Brand that works on Custom Clothing on Organic Hand loom Fabric and other Organic and Earth Saving Materials. As a Company it has a great ethical sense and quite innovative in its approach. A True Integration of Technology and Traditional Form of Hand Weaved Fabric. Treated Individually as per their choice and avail styles as per their style statement.