20 December 2012

Urban-Hippie - The Brand of Happiness and Peace

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About Urban-Hippie.com

“Sitting in my sister’s flat one day, over a steaming cup of tea, the two of us got to talking about our childhood in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the impressions that fashion and popular culture had left on us and how we would love to recapture the essence of that time."Whilst basking in the reflection of their laughter and loving memories the seedling of Urban Hippie came into bloom.

They were memories of a simpler time when summers were lazy and without end. The world was changing and we were growing up in the reactionary stirrings of the summer of Love where Flower Power pollinated our style and our outlook and so with this in mind we wanted to create clothing and jewellery that could find a palpable place in our hearts and our wardrobes.

The Urban Hippie designs are exclusive limited editions that have an aura of elegance and exuberance in quality and form. Our focus has been on the wearers experience so each item is exquisitely unique and feels great next to your skin. Each piece of Urban Hippie jewellery is individually made by hand with extra care and attention to detail so they look and feel beautiful.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple
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Our T-shirts come in a range of ever changing designs with soothing colors and organic and 100% Cotton fabrics that suits your style and gives ultimate comfort  to suit you. With each item being a limited edition there will be new lines added and updated on a regular basis creating an organic and natural flow of new styles.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple
Fashion Studio

Organic Cotton Eco Friendly T-Shirts

Journey with Urban Purple Fashion Studio

Fortunately we found Urban Purple Fashion Studio on our search for a tech pack designer with experience in the field. You see all our designs needed to be taken from our sketches and made in to the actual garment and as these were our own designs we required a skillful designer to realize our designs and make them real garments. With the input of Paramita Das (owner at Urban Purple Fashion Studio) we were able to work closely on materializing our ideas. Paramita helped and advised us along the way from the flat sketch of the garments to the manufacture and delivery to our base in the UK, ensuring great customer service along the way. With deadlines looming for the launch of Urban-Hippie.com, Fashion Studio  Urban Purple pulled out all the stops possible to ensure we had a successful launch.