01 December 2012

Calligraphy - The Brand for Young & Optimistic

urban fashion and street wear
CALIGRAPHY™ and Fashion Studio Urban Purple Started working together way back in 2010 and the concept Urban Men’s Fashion Brand Took a shape with great efforts from the owner of CALIGRAPHY™ through the creative thoughts inspired by the slogan "Bond By Loyalty Unbreakable by Love"

CALIGRAPHY™ is fresh new independent Urban Men’s Fashion Brand inspired by our slogan Bond by Loyalty Unbreakable by Love. CALIGRAPHY™ brings a unique and different style and perspective to Men’s urban fashion and street wear. Whether it’s hitting the local street scene to a casual business meeting.

Fashion need not be limited to “Well Known” brands. Since “Understated Casual Sophistication” is always overlooked, and trends “Come and Go” we make it our business to create the essential pieces that should always be present in both your “Fresh Street wear” to your “Casual Wardrobe.” Established in 2010, CALIGRAPHY™ is already being talked about and compared to some of the “Top Fashion House Icons” in the “Couture Apparel Industry.” With featured selections of sleek dress and casual wear polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets, vests, ties, pants, jeans, hats, sweats, “hoodies” and much more, is there any reason why this comparison is done? Geneus says, “Calligraphy is from the Greek word ‘κάλλος’ pronounced ‘Kallos’ translated means ‘Beauty.’ ‘Writing’ comes from the Greek word ‘Yραφή’ its translation is ‘Graphẽ’ meaning a type of ‘Visual Art.’ Caligraphy is often called the art of ‘Fancy Lettering.’ A more “Updated” definition is, it is the practice of or the ‘Art’ of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.” Caligraphy Clothing and Apparel stated simply is,“The rewriting of Fashion with visual innovativeness and style”. “Our clothing line is known as the art in ‘Modern’ apparel. It is fluid and spontaneous . . . thus, confirming the parallel of ‘Calligraphy Writing’ with CALIGRAPHY™ the Couture Fashion House.” He finishes stating, “While ‘Our’ extraordinary pieces are ‘Second to None’ and are for everyone, the inscriptions and designs are ‘Targeted’ to believers, dreamers and overachievers.” The “Fashion Apparel Industry’s Insiders” have classified CALIGRAPHY™  designs as a, “A Breath of fresh air and only an ‘Innovator’ could invent a combination of “Exceptional” quality and workmanship coupled with the details of classic elegance while still maintaining that contemporary and trendy look of the “Future” supplying comfortable “Flyness” in “Casual Wear”. Whether it's plaid, checkered, pinstriped or solid colors . . . CALIGRAPHY™ always provides a more subdued modern aspect while giving a “Nod” to the exquisite style and class of its “Amped up Traditional” wear.

CALIGRAPHY™ was looking to upgrade and provide the level of detail and quality in our products and found Urban Purple Fashion Studio to take our brand to the next level. They provide the best technical design packs. Now that Paromita and her staff from the Fashion Studio provide manufacturing and it creates a comfortable and high level one stop shop. Able to give a 4 level quality inspection on all apparel made is a win-win for CALIGRAPHY™.