27 December 2012

OfaafO - Fashion with Social Consciousness

Fashion Studio - Urban Purpleofaafo’s(one for all all for one) goal is to create dialogue by blending fashion with social consciousness.  Fashion clothes the body and the mind. We want the same inspiration that goes into creating a great look to go into creating conversation, bringing social issues to light and bridging the gap of culture differences. Whether you have a social cause or cause to be social-ofaafo

ofaafo’s foundation is creating awareness or as we say “owareness” generating dialogue that brings social issues to light, and bridging the gap of culture differences that exist around the world.  Fashion has always been a great way to express oneself so it just made sense to bring fashion and social commentary together in a non-threatening way to educate the masses. ofaafo has touched upon a variety of topics via our Facebook page and encourages everyone to participate.

Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Fashion Studio - Urban Purple
Crew Neck T-Shirt for Daily Comfort
Polo  Shirt for Office and Home Use

Whether you have a social cause or a cause to be social - ofaafo

Ofaafo started with our signature collection of logo branded men’s t-shirts and polo shirts to introduce the public to our brand and our mission. As we grow, we will roll out an expanded portfolio of short sleeve shirts, sweaters, and expand our t-shirt line

Ofaafo stands out because we are fashion focused. Our products are designed with quality in mind.  We have struck a balance between the awareness we want to create and the quality of our product. When you wear an Ofaafo product you are wearing a custom designed shirt manufactured from the finest Peruvian cotton.

Fashion Studio Urban Purple helped transform our vision into a tangible product by developing our tech packs. More important  Fashion Studio Urban Purple created a road map for the project. They served as a consultant walking us through all the steps, answering questions and making recommendations throughout the process. The project was completed within the timelines we agreed upon so the rest of the project could go on as planned.