11 December 2012

Fashion Trend Insight - Urban Purple Fashion Studio

Fashion Ternd Insight by Urban Purple Fashion Studio

Everyone wants to get noticed and for this spend a lot of money in order get noticed and recognition and feel beautiful. However,Very often we spend it on things that are not suitable for us and spending so much on clothing and fashion accessories that don’t fit or worse that make us look bad. Fashion as a Business is making and selling your creativity which would appeal the mass and that gets you Name, Fame, And Money. On the surface level it seems quite interesting and tempting and people easily get fascinated towards it. Fashion Designers on the top and Fashion Studio which is having name and fame are hot cake.  designs. And while the fashion industry may seem like a glamorous business where you hobnob with celebrities and watch your gowns walk down the runway, starting a clothing line is hard work. When you first start out, your clothing line might consist of you and, well, you. You'll have a lot of responsibilities, from designing the garments to producing the final product to marketing your brand. Every Human being is  different and have different ethos and they get satisfied differently and they project themselves as they perceive the world around them.

Many fashion designers and fashion studios have tried to read this versatility of human nature and design outfits accordingly. The Main factors that gives boost to any fashion trend are Surface , Silhouettes , Styles and Seams . This Four "S" is the main factors which controls and drives the Fashion Trend and it has been doing since the emergence of Fashion.Most fashion products of the 20th Century created phenomenal success if they had a perfect mix of Four ‘S’ of Fashion (Surfaces, Silhouettes, Styles and Seams). As a part of the fashion design process, the success of the fashion products depend upon the right mix of 4S for any market conditions in correct order & proportion.

As a Fashion Studio - Urban Purple Focuses on this 4 Points and Serves the clients with the best possible combination available. Serving for more than 7 years The Fashion Studio has been successful in Launching more than 50 International clothing brands across the Globe and has been working them contiguously every season and provide the Line Sheet and Tech Sheet Designs to those brands. At Urban Purple Fashion Studio every brand is treated.

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